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Aspen 2004-2017

The Daily Ride

Our junior executive died today.
I’m not sure what we’ll do.
The office just won’t be the same.
The staff will miss him, too.

We met him in a parking lot.
He boldly walked right up.
He seemed homeless and on his own.
He jumped right in the truck.

Though he enjoyed his new found home,
the thing he loved the most,
was riding in a car or truck,
though he would never boast.

His friends preferred to stay at home,
but he just loved to wander.
If someone headed for the door,
he jumped to be their partner.

And so, he came to work each day,
devoted through and through.
Whether sick or well, he would ride,
he knew just what to do.

His friends would stop upstairs to see
him working every day.
Sometimes they brought a treat or two,
to get him through the day.

Though he grew old, he didn’t stop,
He knew that he was needed.
A hug or pat upon his head,
Made his friends less heated.

But now, he’ll make the trip no more.
He’s gone on his last ride.
Aspen, we love and miss you, boy,
Thanks for the daily ride.