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Poem for "Gunnie" - Deceased June 2014

The Best Dog of All

        Loving and loyal,

       A friend through and through,

       How in the world can I

       live without you?


       I've known you since you

       Were just a scrappy little pup.

       Fighting to survive,

       And you never gave up.


       I watched you grow into a

       beautiful canine friend.

       Back in those days,

       I could not imagine this end.


       But now it is all over,

       And you're truly gone.

       Somehow I'll find a way

       To try to carry on.


       Perhaps one day I'll find

       A new puppy who,

       Will become my dear friend,

       But he'll never replace you.


       I'll keep your little photo

       hung up on my wall,

       And I'll always remember you

       As the very best dog of all.