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Poem to Steven and Gretchen Kelly,

written by Norma (Dr. Kelly's sister),

in memory of Jennifer Marie Kelly.


We started a journey, you and I,

    so many years ago.

When we started, I didn't realize,

    how far, us two, would go.


We traveled up and down the road,

    more times than I remember.

I didn't care where we went,

    as long as we went together.


I was your companion and confidante,

    I listened to your dreams.

My presence gave you comfort,

    we made such a wonderful team.


Joy and sadness, graduations and deaths,

    we survived it all,

Changing jobs and homes and pets,

    I learned to like them big and small.


Time takes it toll, the body fails,

    the mind, it starts to wander.

Every journey must have an end,

    so too, our time together.


I thank you for your loving care,

    I couldn't have asked for more

You tried so hard to keep me here,

    but now it's my time to soar.


Remember me for all the times,

    we shared with one another.

Thanks, Mom & Dad, for all the love,

    it couldn't have been better.


Love, Jen – June 11, 2013