Poem for "Pip" - Deceased June 2014

You Did Me a Kindness

        When my legs grew too weak to carry me,

       And my tired eyes could no longer see,

       When it pained me to struggle for each new breath,

       When my heart beat weaker, and I drew closer to death,

       You did me the kindness of letting me go.

       You didn't make me hang on when I was suffering so.

       I promise I don't think that you loved me any less,

       And I love you all the more for your selflessness.

       You freed my spirit from its body so wracked with pain,

       And let me run the fields of Heaven, where I'm sure we'll meet again.



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  • Dr.
    Barbara Booth

    Dr. Barbara Booth moved to Forest City in 2010 with her family. She is married and has one daughter. Her interests include cats, surgery, and exotic pets. She enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her family.

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    Gretchen Kelly

    Dr. Gretchen Kelly graduated veterinary school from the University of Tennessee. She moved to Forest City with her husband in 2010. She has an interest in internal medicine, radiology, and ophthalmology. She enjoys playing with her many dogs at home.

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    Samantha Freudenthal

    Dr. Samantha Freudenthal is originally from Spartanburg, SC. She attended undergraduate at Presbyterian College and veterinary school at University of Georgia. She has three dogs-a lovable mutt and two Boston Terriers.  She enjoys spending time in the mountains and making crafts, especially if the crafts are for her dogs.