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Remembering Reggie---April 2011-February 17, 2018 

Sometimes, I called him “B Bop” because he had the most engaging and happy personality! But mostly, I called him Reggie. Even those who were “dog people” loved him.

Reggie took his “job” at our office very seriously-he was our official greeter, helped make copies and clean crates and supervised the feeding and medicating of other pets. But most all, Reggie followed me around making sure that I was doing my job!

Reggie and two other kittens started out at Rutherford County Animal Control. Two of the kittens got adopted but Reggie did not. He was sickly and one Saturday afternoon while working on a grant at our office, I brought him in to care for him. We had another cat named Lacy-not too fond of other pets! However, they soon became fast friends and Reggie was now a part of our “feline office staff!” and over the years, Reggie also wormed his way into everyone’s hearts.

As time passes, we somehow have this notion that our pets should live forever! Not very realistic-we know this-but pets are magic! They bring us so much joy-their love is unconditional. Sadly on Saturday, it was clear that Reggie was suffering and in extreme pain. And early Saturday evening, Reggie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Now his pain is gone and we have to know that he is continuing his “job” of supervising the other cats and dogs and probably us as well. 

Our hearts are broken and we will miss Reggie terribly.
A special thank you to Dr. Gretchen Kelly at Foothills Animal Clinic and Brenda for being there as I held Reggie one last time to say goodbye.

Lynne (Community Pet Center)