• Our clinic is open, and we are taking extra precautions to continue to care for your pets.
  • For all clients. Remember to bring your cellphone with you.
  • Upon arrival, please call the front desk 828-248-2168 from the parking lot.
  • Please understand that we will be asking you if you are exhibiting any symptoms, are under quarantine, if you have tested positive, or if you have a travel history.
  • Our medical team will call you in your vehicle to discuss your pet’s medical history, then come to get your pet, then they will call again to discuss initial findings, and secure authorization for diagnostics and treatment. Please make sure you answer your cell phone.
  • For your convenience, payment can be made in several ways:

1. Pay in person at our walk-up window

  • For clients wishing to use contactless payment, we have several options to pay from the parking lot from your vehicle via cellphone:

2. Pay via credit card over the phone

3. Pay via Weave, our secure link, that we can text to you

4. Pay via CareCredit through “Pay My Provider” on your cellphone

  • For clients picking up medications and food: Please call 24 hours ahead to request refills so we have the items ready for pickup. When you arrive at the clinic you can call the front desk to alert them to your arrival or come to the walk-up window to pick up your items. Keep in mind to social distance if others are at the window.
  • For euthanasia: We know this is a difficult time. If you are not exhibiting symptoms, it is the doctor’s discretion to perform the euthanasia in one of our exam rooms and the number of family members allowed. For everyone’s safety, clients with symptoms, exposure, or a positive test can’t be present at the time of euthanasia.

Thank you for your patience during this time. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe.